CR Chemical Holdings Co.,Ltd.Held "Three Stricts and Three Reals" Special Democratic Life Meeting

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According to the deployment about the construction of the Party conduct of CR Group,Wei Bin,the chief accountant and the chief financial officer of CR Group attended the "Three Stricts and Three Reals" special democratic life meeting in Changzhou held by leadership team of CR Chemicals.
Before the meeting,accompanied by Zhu Zhenda,the general manager of CR Chemicals and other management teams,Wei Bin has inspected the storage base and polyester production center in Changzhou dock,has taken a detailed tour to the production,operation,management and othes of the enterprise.He highly appreciated to those Chemicals personnel who achieved successive years of good performance under great pressure and by overcoming difficulties.
At the meeting,Zhu Zhenda,the general manager,informed the preparation situation of "Three Stricts and Three Reals" special democratic life meeting and talked about his feelings and exchanged his ideas with other members of the company's management ream combined with the actual working situation and carried out examination,self-criticism and reflection.
After listening to speeches,Wei Bin fully affirmed the achievements obtained by CR Chemicals in carrying out "Three Stricts and Three Reals" special democratic life meeting.He pointed out that special democratic life meeting is the top priority in carrying out "Three Stricts and Three Reals" special education and is the key to whether special education can achieve effective achievements.The CR Chemicals special democratic life meeting not only found problems and identified the gap,but also analyzed the reasons,defined the direction,met the requirements of the central and the Group and achieved good results.Next,leadership teams of CR Chemicals shall release early and iterate,make great effects to the consolidation and fulfillment of achievements of the special democratic life meeting and combine with the business plan of "Thirteen five-year" of CR Chemicals.Leadership teams of CR Chemicals shall actively carry out preliminary investigation and declaration of new projects,cultivate new growth points for later development of the Chemicals and make efforts to promote overall development of "Thirteen five-year" of CR Chemicals to a new level while making increasingly research and development efforts and expanding product applications fields.