Changzhou Municipal Party Secretary Yan Li Inspected and Surveyed China Resources Packaging

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On November 27,Changzhou municipal party secretary Yan Li inspected and surveyed China Resources Packaging and learned about the enterprise technology upgrades.
Chen Qun,the general manager of China Resources Packaging,expressed warm welcome to Yan Li,the municipal party secretary and his traveling party and introduced the progress of HTM furnace flue gas biding invitation project of the enterprise in detail.After knowing that China Resources Packaging focused on technical innovation in 2015,has completed the desulfurization and dust removal improvement project and relevant indicators has been far superior to the intended targets,secretary Yan Li repeatedly praised "this is technological innovation and upgrade".He hoped that China Resources Packaging improves the quality and efficiency,increases added value of products and enhances the enterprise's ability of adapting to the market competition through technological innovation and upgrade.He also stressed that speeding up the city development must depend on accelerating the pace of technological innovation and upgrade and enhancing the capability of independent innovation and relevant enterprises and government departments should further emancipate the mind,fully recognize the importance of technological innovation and upgrade of enterprises,focus on speeding up the technological innovation and upgrade of enterprises and make contributions to the economic development of Changzhou.