CR Chemical Holdings Co.,Ltd.held the third employee sports meeting

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On October 17,the third employee sports meeting of CR Chemical Holdings Co.,Ltd,was held in the stadium of Changzhou Institute of Technology.Management team members,including Zhu Zhenda,the general manager of CR Chemicals,and nearly 500 employees of CR Chemicals (East China Region) participated in the sports meeting.
At the opening ceremony,Zhu Zhenda,the general manger,delivered an address for the sports meeting and declared that the meeting begins officially after referees and athlete representatives made pledges solemnly.
There were ten events in total,including 1500 meters,800 meters,shoot,standing broad jump and there were three additional events,including slow riding on bicycles,clamping ping-pong balls,1500 meters,for middle-aged group in view of the personnel structure of Chemicals personnel.Athletes respected each other and learned from each other based on the principle of "friendship first and competition second" on arena.Athletes worked hard in the filed to add luster to his team glory.Outside of the arena,the entire athletic field was really bustling with filling sound being higher and higher.After a morning of intense competition,the testing center,six-hundred-thousand tons team and equipment department won the first,the second and the third respectively.
This meeting not only provided a communication platform to Chemicals colleagues,but also provided a self-expression and self-promotion opportunity to them.The game enhanced everyone's physical fitness,enhanced team cohesion and combat effectiveness and sounded the sprint horn of completing CR Chemicals' 2015 performance comprehensively!