CR Chemicals Released 2014 CR Chemicals Social Responsibility Report Officially

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On July 17,CR Chemical Holdings Co.,Ltd.released2014 CR chemicals social responsibility reportofficially.This social responsibility report comprehensively disclosed important measures that CR chemicals has taken in 2014 in fulfilling social responsibility and introduced a large amount of works that CR chemicals carried out in providing product service,guaranteeing the harmonious constructions and paying attention to staff development and devoting to social welfare and other aspects to promote understanding and linkages between various stakeholders and companies and to achieve harmonious win-win situation between CR chemicals and the society.
In the past 2014,CR Chemicals submitted a satisfactory answer to all stakeholders with practical actions for CR Chemicals actively adjusted their development strategies,continued to adhere to independent innovation and further enhanced internal management and taken other effective measures.
This is the second year when CR Chemicals disclosure the situation where enterprises fulfill their social responsibilities to society with separate reports continuously.For a long time,CR Chemicals actively safeguards the legitimate rights and interests of creditors and employees,treats suppliers,clients and customers earnestly,actively participates in environmental protection and public welfare activities,makes effects to promote own and environment sustainable development while pursuing economic efficiency and improving shareholders' returns based on the business philosophy of " Change Life with You" to commit to become the most competitive and outstanding enterprise in polyesters packaging material field.
Looking ahead to 2015,CR Chemicals will give full play to their advantages and strive to maintain growth while maintaining stability,to gain better performance through better quality,to obtain re-improvement while strengthening management,thus speeding up the "bigger and stronger" pace and achieving the pursuit of something beyond profits while improving the sustainable and healthy development of CR Chemicals.
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