Innovation on Tradition and Pursuit of Excellence- China Resources Packaging Held the First General Reading Festival Opening Ceremony

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On the afternoon of June 15,the first general reading festival of China Resources Packaging opened at the training room on the second floor of Changzhou China Resources Packaging.The company's management leaders at all levels and representatives of each reading group attended the opening ceremony.Mr.Chen Gengxin,the deputy director of Changzhou Municipal Office of Farmer-Labor Party,the Changzhou television commentator and the guest of Three People Speak of Changzhou Daily Newspaper office,also attended it by invitation.
At the opening ceremony,Tian Meiyuan,the vice general manager of CR Chemicals putted forward her expectations and requirements from three aspects,why to read,how to read and what to read.The guest Mr.Chen Gengxin gave a detailed interpretation to the theme of this reading festival "Innovation on Tradition and Pursuit of Excellence" and discussed what is innovation on tradition,why to conduct it and how to do it with others and he also shared his own reading experiences with others.
Zhu Jinping,the safety and environmental protection director of CR Chemicals,still insists on reading each day,through she is nearly 50 years old.She always takes shuttle bus to the library far away from home to borrow books after work and she participates in various certification exams in spare time.Recently,she is studying assiduously the graduate student.At the opening ceremony,she shared her book-style living with others and everybody admired it.
Finally,Chen Qun,the general manger of China Resources packaging,solemnly announced that the reading festival begins.
Suhomlinski said,"Read every day and be friend with books.This should be a gurgling brook without shut-off,because it enriches the thinking." I hope that you cherish each moment,read more,read good books and let books help you grow and let the life flash light.