I.Core Concept System of CR Chemicals

(I) Enterprise vision: becoming into the most competitive excellent enterprise in polyester packing material sector in China.
Enterprise vision reveals the prospect goal of CR Chemicals,which is to be the world top-grade enterprise in polyester packing material sector.

(II) Enterprise mission: providing new polymer material products through continuous exploration and innovation;engaging in creating value for customers and promoting living quality,and maximizing the value of shareholders and employees as well.
Enterprise mission reveals the purpose and significance of the existence of CR Chemicals,which is creating value for customers,shareholders,and employees.

(III) Enterprise spirit: Pragmatic,Passionate,Professional,Innovative
This is the common spiritual outlook and behavior style of the overall employees of CR Chemicals.
Being pragmatic is a kind of work style;the employees of CR Chemicals shall be down-to-earth;
Being passionate is a kind of attitude towards work;the employees of CR Chemicals are always full of vigor and vitality.
Being professional is a kind of work competence;the employees of CR Chemicals shall be excellent in work;
Being innovative is a kind of thinking;the employees of CR Chemicals shall be bold to break through the traditional,disrupt himself;make efforts in exploration and practicing new concepts,new methods,and new approaches.

(IV) Enterprise values: Honest and Trustworthy,Performance Oriented,Customer Foremost,Grateful and Rewarding
(1) Honest and Trustworthy
Being honest and trustworthy is the core values of China Resources
(2)Performance Oriented
China Resources highlights performance without compromise to hard-work,values without compromise to performance,that is to say,no hard-work without performance is advisable and no performance without values is acceptable.
Sticking to performance-oriented values requires reflecting performance not only in operation scale and development speed,but also in every aspects as efficiency and effect improvement,assets quality promotion,organization capability upgrading,business development,and management mode innovation etc,which embodies performance in a balanced,all-around,and high-quality way.
(3) Customer Foremost
Intensively safeguard the rights and interests of customers,strictly follow commercial ethics,carry out fair competition,and strive to provide products and services that are of higher quality,environmental,and healthy,thus continuously meet and excel customer expectations,creating values for customers and grow side by side with customers.
(4) Grateful and Rewarding
Advocate to "Be Grateful to Life",regard performance of social responsibilities as "the pursuit over profit",reward the society with real efforts,and create the image of an excellent enterprise as "trustworthy to investors,loved by employees,respected by the society,and recognized by the common people".

(V) Enterprise organization atmosphere: Simple,Frank,Sunny
Being simple: interpersonal relationship between CR employees is simple and cooperative,no differentiation and exception;
Being frank: CR employees fully trust with each other,communicate frankly with truth and honesty;
Being sunny: CR employees must be active and positive,care for and appreciate each other,tolerant with and encouraging each other,treat everybody with a sunny mind,empathy,and transposition consideration;
Strict to managers and kind to general employees

II: Executive Concept System of CR Chemicals

(I) Corporate safety concept: life is invaluable,safety is foremost
Life is just once for everybody,for which we must respect and cherish life.CR Chemicals always stresses on "Safety First,Prevention Foremost".Safety is the intrinsic need and necessary requirement for production operation.The enterprise can develop continually,healthily,and harmoniously only under preconditions of guaranteed employee life safety and normal operation of equipment and facilities.

(II) Corporate service concept: Sincere Service,Advance Hand in Hand
CR Chemicals believes: the more considerate the service is,the more confident the enterprise is.So we keep:
Cooperating actively and preventing prevarication by enhancing the service awareness of each department and position;
Providing services to customers sincerely to meet customer needs by enhancing the service awareness to the variety of customers;
Enhancing the service awareness of the management,taking initiative to help the subordinates to develop and promote staff value.

(III) Corporate marketing concept: creating value to customers with the best products and service
CR Chemicals sticks to "Creating Value to Customers": in commercial activities,it advocates that the simpler the deal is,the more intellectual it will be.We make efforts in creating value to customers which cannot be provided other suppliers,so as to increase customer loyalty and make them to be returning customers,finally become into cooperation partner for enterprise development.

(IV) Corporate anticorruption concept: Upright,Moral,Incorruptible
Being upright means improving comprehensive self quality by continuous study and mastering professional skills.
Being moral means enhancing self cultivation and establishing good morality and practices;
Being incorruptible means setting up good fame in the society by strictly complying with Party disciplines,national laws,and corporate rules and regulations,being honest and self-disciplined,and keeping clean hands.

(V) Corporate quality concept: Quality – Life of the Enterprise
CR Chemicals sticks to creating value with quality and pushing harmony with quality.Good product quality and drive enterprise prosperity or recession by poor quality;especially that,as a supplier of raw materials for food packing industry,the health safety of thousands of households is concerned about by our quality issue.Therefore,we strictly control product quality in each process in plants and transportation,thus winning customer satisfaction with fine quality.

(VI) Corporate innovation concept: Continual Innovation,Ceaseless Motivation

Continual improvement is the source and motivation for CR Chemicals to survive and develop;for an excellent enterprise of the most competitiveness,a sound innovative atmosphere is a must;in this case,CR Chemicals always supports innovation in technology,management,system and environment and holds a considerate,tolerant,and encouraging attitude towards any failure in innovation,thus creating innovation to be a kind of spirit and style of CR Chemicals.