Jiangsu (China Resources) New Polyester Material Engineering Technology Research Center

Jiangsu (China Resources) New Polyester Material Engineering Technology Research Center now has 9 senior engineers as well as perfect R&D facilities,testing and experimental instruments,including melt polymerization and solid state polycondensation equipment,injection blow-molding equipment,and nuclear magnetic resonance,DSC,gas liquid chromatography,and ICP etc.In the passed three years,the Center has developed 14 new products,all of which have been formed into the corresponding scientific and technical payoffs and products.It has completed 1 key scientific and technological project of Jiangsu Province,1 enterprise-university-research institute project of Changzhou City,1 achievement passed the appraisal of the provincial education department and Sinopec Industry Association,1 second prize for scientific and technological progress of Jiangsu Province,1 second prize of national scientific and technological progress.In addition,the company has also applied for 20 invention patents,4 of which have been authorized.PET products of the company are featured with low foreign substance contents when compared with those by other manufacturers of the industry and have been certified as hi-tech products.The new products developed on this basis of the PET products are domestically advanced,in which many technologies have reached international advanced level,filling the domestic gap.

R&D system:

The Center enforces technical center director responsibility system under the leadership of the company;the director of the center is fully responsible for the work of the center that adopts the open operation mode,extensively takes in advanced scientific results and high-grade scientific talents at home and abroad;highlights on cooperation between enterprise,university and research institute and international talent and technology exchange,fully utilize the social sciences resources to improve the capacity and standards of R&D.

R&D concept:

On the principle of market orientation;research functional and high value-added new PET products;research and promote new technologies and processes;research the related PET products using high and new technologies to convert the research results qualitatively and quantitatively,to enhance the abilities of technological research and development.