In order to respond to the call for production safety by the country,CR Group and ensure normal operation of the corporate production safety system,eradicate major personal casualty accidents and property loss accidents,and avoid and reduce general accidents,CR Chemicals draws up the related systems such as Occupational Management System of CR Chemicals Holdings Co., strictly following the national and department regulations applicable production safety.
I.Objective of occupational health safety management:
1.Eradicate fatal accident with determination
2.Rate of serious injuries controlled below 0.25‰ per year
3.Rate of slight injuries controlled below 3‰ per year
4.Rate of employees certified for special work types 100%
5.Equipment availability rate 100% for normal production
6.Pass rate for routine safety inspection over 95%;pass rate of major danger sources 100%

II: Occupational health safety management plan
On the basis of the spirit of "Safety First,Prevention Foremost",overall employees of the company carry out work by earnestly following the requirements of the corporate occupation health management system,so as to attain a relatively high level for objective and indictor implementation.
1.Take effective measures to eradicate major casualty accidents in a determined way;
2.Ensure each safety protection facility in place and reach a pass rate up to 100% in the various inspections;
3.Pass rate of labor protection equipment and safety protection facilities up to 100%;
4.The safety technical documents of each company and department shall be collected and collated by specially assigned personnel.
5.Safety education must be carried out to new or transferred employees before they taking the job,so that the employees can understand the safety issues within his work scope and be aware of the potential safety hazards in the recent period.
6.Formulate the safety responsibility system level by level to form a robust safety responsibility network,reduce accident occurrence rate,and give important guarantee to production safety work.
7.The related department carries out inspection to the overall employees for environment,occupational health,and production safety in a regular and irregular way;propose rectification measures for problems found out and oblige to rectify in case of serious circumstances.
8.On-the-scene safety inspection system and various management systems,operation practice shall be established by the departments and affiliated companies of CR Chemicals to normalize staff's behaviors,so that the production safety can have regulations to follow and strictly binding on everybody.
9.Strengthen spot examination of raw materials and final products that shall be free of pollution and damages.
10.Apply strict regulations on shift handover and takeover system and 5S management,so as to ensure production safety finally.

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