CR Chemicals keeps sticking to the talent view of the Group of "Respecting Human Value,Tapping Human Potentials,Distilling the Soul",striving creating CR Chemicals to be an organization pooling talents,caring the employees from life,emotion,and growth,enable more people to realize their dreams here.
Vision of talent development: making best use of talent,developing in common
CR Chemicals views talent as the primary resource of the enterprise,talent dependence as the fundamental condition for enterprise development,respect of talent as the fundamental principle for enterprise development,and push of the development of enterprise and staff in common as the fundamental task of talent strategy.In human resource practice activities,CR Chemicals makes efforts in providing the overall employees with a stage for fully exploiting their talent and making best use of talents.Meanwhile,it continually promotes the enterprise's human resource management level and comprehensive talent cultivation through various effective paths,promoting development of the enterprise and staff in common.

I.Making the best use of talents

CR Chemicals always adheres to human-oriented enterprise operation concept,sticks to cohering talents with extensive development prospect.It actively creates good talent growing environment through establishment of scientific and effective talent system,fair competition mechanism,and good cultural atmosphere,so as to provide each employee with a stage for fully tapping their brilliance as well as provide opportunities and platform to the various talents for realizing self-worth through continually creating individual development opportunities.

II.Joining hands with one another for common development

CR Chemicals deeply knows that efforts of the staff are the foundation for enterprise success that,in turn,is the precondition for the success of the staffs.Enabling the staff to develop in common with the enterprise I the always talent development view of CR Chemicals;it encourages staffs to combine their individual development with the long-term corporate plan and provides the staff with a number of growth paths,development modes,and spaces so that the staff can make best use of their potential and realize common development between the staff and the enterprise.
CR Chemicals respects staff's personality and pursuit;at the time of recognizing the staff's achievements,it also encourages the staffs to cultivate himself to be a talent through self study,be strong and self confident.In order to further perfect the structure and level of the talent team,the company continually strengthens training and education of the staffs,so as to effectively maintain the organization's passion and vigor.

Talent development objective and measures of CR Chemicals
In order to better the development of human resources;promote the talent team to be of scientific structure,reasonable distribution,and balanced demand,to accelerate human growth and reasonable use of the talent according to the corporate development needs of CR Chemicals,we make efforts in realizing:

I.Accelerating talent cultivation in consideration of the actual situations of CR Chemicals

In order to realize the economic and social development goals of CR Chemicals all around,it's a must to firmly establish human-oriented talent concept and vigorously implement talent development strategy,speed up in independent talent cultivation and introduction as well as cultivate a large group of interdisciplinary practical talents urgently needed for the development and construction of CR Chemicals.

II.Taking incentive measures to push talent introduction and development

1: Widen the channels for talent introduction: the first is to make a point on introduction of various talents in accordance with the development of CR Chemicals;second,push the technical and management talent of CR Chemicals to develop all around through internal selection;third,acquire expert suggestions for the development of CR Chemicals;and fourth,actively make technological breakthroughs through cooperation with universities and scientific research institutes.
2: Make efforts in improving talent growing environment: vigorously improve the work and living environment,intensify enterprise culture publicity,attract and cohere talents with career and emotion;and highlight the good practice of respecting knowledge and talents.
3: Construct talent cultivation base for CR Chemicals: cultivate various talents needed for development of CR Chemicals and enable them to practice and become into talents here.

III.Introducing competition mechanism and activate the talent team

1: Continue to enforce job competition system.CR Chemicals actively enforces job competition system through open assessment;gradually enforce job shifting system for positions important to the company.
2: Speed up perfecting the remuneration and welfare system for CR Chemicals,so that talents devoting to CR Chemicals can get the corresponding economic benefits.
3: Establish duty evaluation system,those having poor achievements and not competent enough for the job will be interviewed,transferred etc depending on the actual conditions.

IV.Getting adapted to the new situations,continuously deepening personnel system reform

1: Accelerate to establish a personnel system of appointment and treatment adjustable depending on the competency of the personnel as well as of openness,equality,competition,and admitting the best.For allocation,the principle of performance first,distribution according to work with due consideration to fairness will be implemented,gradually perfecting performance wage system.
2: Establish personnel assessment,reward and punishment,training,and distribution system as required by modern enterprise system.